Adeas Printing

If anyone is thinking of ordering the No. Ten white envelopes

with door hanger elastic bands, you can tell them that we

were super pleased!  It absolutely works.  It was a simple,

quick operation to put the envelope, with the band, right over

the door knob or door latch.  Highly recommend it!



I just wanted to say thank you so much, we really appreciate everything you did for us.
                       June & nicole

Below is the go ahead and the changes that need to be made, THX Robin for the EXCELLENT service!

 I wanted to take a moment for some time now to write and thank you for excellent service and specifically mention the great customer care we receive from Glenda Smith as well as the design team with proofs and such.  We have a lot of clients we serve as utility contractors and many times we are told very last minute to get something mailed or created and Glenda has always been very prompt in her response and a great help.  It really helps our operations to work with vendors who can support us in that way.

Thank you!


Got our Box Toppers today and they are perfect. Thank you for all your help and the way quick turnaround. Great company.

I just wanted to let you know that the Stick flyers are wonderful. We typically outsource our printing at another company but we were needing something different than a door tag. The Sticks have been amazing and they leave absolutely no residue in the hot weather. Our Direct Sales Representatives like them much more than a regular flyer because they don’t have to fold and stuff it in the doors. The print quality is also fantastic!  Thank you for checking and we will continue to do business with A’Deas for our Stick needs!

I highly recommend ADEAS Printing services to any businesses in need of an eye catching, attention getting marketing piece, such as business cards, flyers, door hangers, broachers or even direct mailers. The “Stick” door hanger we received from Mary were all done with great professionalism at the most competitive pricing we have seen in the marketplace. 

Mary went beyond her contracted requirement in helping me get the result I wanted.  She was very easy to work with,  I highly suggest using her and Adeas Printing.

It is nice to be able to talk to a live person...I'll recommend you to the other agents in my office.

Dear Customer Service,

Let me tell you how appreciative I am of Glenda. I had difficulty with my browser uploading and not being able to move forward on designing the door hanger I need. Glenda spent quite a bit of time helping me with a positive attitude of support. I wanted you to know she was diligent and insightful with my project, though I’m sure compared to some orders this would be considered a smaller order. Kudos to your company for hiring people like Glenda and to Glenda who has the right demeanor to be in customer support.


They have  been working great. 


My business partner has never heard of you or the "Band-It" idea. After using it out in the field, she said to me "Wow, what a great idea."Truly great!

Thanks again!

I was delighted with my experience  in all aspects: customer service, promptness and timeliness of order completion, excellent interaction with the graphic designer who is creative, intuitive, and communicates very clearly status and updates.

We received the door hangers and they are very nice.
It was very nice working with you. We will definitely work with you in the future and refer you to other companies. 

You are wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to work with me on an individual basis. Not may companies do that these days. It was very helpful speaking to the graphic designer and knowing that once I placed the order, there would be piece of mind. Your boss is fortunate and so are we, the customers, to work with an individual of your calibre. Your knowledge of the business your in as well as attention to detail is invaluable. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you for your great customer service.  We received the package today and are very happy with our order.  You guys did a great job.

You have been very pleasant to work with and I appreciate your great customer service!

Order went good, finished product was just what we needed for our project.

They turned out great and I was very happy with the ordering process from start to finish.  Working with you guys was a pleasure. 


You did a wonderful job! They were beautiful and easy to use.

Your company did an amazing job with the door hangers we ordered.

The door hangers were excellent. My third order and they always turn out perfect. Your staff is helpful and always do a good job.

Awesome job! Thanks so much. 

Glenda once again thank you for everything thing that you and you team over there do, it's always fast simple and to the point I'm referring a friend of mine to you, he owns a heating and air conditioning company and is looking for some door hangers, I know that your the right person for the job and I'm happy to refer him to a reputable person like you as well as the company your with.

With best regards and great success to you.

The door hangers were a monster success.  My little cash business has been booming this season.  The colorful attractive hangers are to thank.  

I am 100% satisfied with my order and will be ordering more in the future, keep up the good work!


Margaret, My “art” doorknob hangers look beautiful!  They will be part of an art festival in Chicago. Thank you so much for your help.

A'Deas always does a professional job and we are always pleased with the product.

Thank you for your kind assistance. You have been extremely patient and helpful throughout the process - we would have probably gone with somebody local were it not for you.

 I want to let you know how pleased I am with the quality job you have done on our two recent orders and have recommended your firm to other political entities to use your products. 

We just got our door hangers today!!! They are sooooooo beautiful and look very professional:) Thank you so much you really helped us in the process only if everything else was this easy LOL. 
Thanks a bunch
I really appreciate all your hard work and patience with the process it made it a very pleasant process for this 7 month prego lady with 5 little blessings running around all while homeschooling and doing taxes!

I just got home and the door hangers have arrived. We are very pleased. More than pleased. They are quite an eye-catcher, very attractive. Looks 2x better than the digital version. Thank the graphic department for me please. We couldn't be happier. We will definitely be ordering more in the very near future.

Looks great ok to print I love working with ur company u guys make everything so easy and ur products make my life easier thankyou so much


Dear Adeas Printing,

Thank you so much for the flyers. They turned out awesome and I cannot imagine doing a campaign without the band-it technology... San Francisco exotic doorknobs and ever changing weather should be the poster-child for the Band-It. At first, I was skeptical about doing a door-hanging campaign especially because of the traditional door-hanger design and inherent issues. However the Band-It technology ensures my beautiful flyers are seen by the intended recipient over any mailer or other standard door-hanger campaign. 80% of all our new clients coming to checkout our Pilates & yoga studio is because they received our band-it flyer. I estimate that the band-it flyer will easily double our business this month alone.

It has been a pleasure to work with you all. Mary was a great designer. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship!

I can't be happier with you prices and material ...we will be doing more in future!

You did an awesome job with the print material!  We distributed 985 flyers last night and received a tremendous response from the campaign and quality of the print material already (and its only 12 noon here).

Thank you for the fantastic job A'DEAS Printing did on my door hangers.

You did a great job on these box toppers! We love them!

WOW, I am impressed! 

Hi, just a note to let you know I received my door hangers today.  They are perfect!

Once again you have done a perfect job! I used several other marketing companies prior to you but now you have all my business.  You've got them beat hands down!

I just wanted to tell you that is some of the best work we’ve had. We’ve used other companies, 3000 Doorhangers and other door hanger companies, but that is absolutely the best print and best quality and we are very very pleased with your service and your quality and we will definitely keep on using you. Thank you for the awesome work.

Definitely plan on using you in the future – thank you so much!

we received the door hangers and they are even better looking in person.  You all captured what we were looking for and all of us are thankful to you guys.  We now have a design we can use proudly for all of our neighborhood announcements.  Thank you all again. 

I am thrilled with the job Adeas Printing did on the band-it/Stick combo
door hangers for my small company.  The staff at Adeas were kind,
knowledgeable and very patient with me.  The resulting door hangers are
quite possibly the most professional ones I have ever seen.  Thank you Robin
and thank you Adeas printing!

We ordered 10,000 band-it door hangers to promote the Iowa Caucuses, and not  
only were they well printed, but the Band-It style hangers really stay on  
even in high winds! The local cable company had run a door hanger promotion  
the week prior using standard die-cut hangers, and everywhere we went we saw  
their advertising on the ground, in people's bushes, under patios, etc.....  
Of the 10,000 fliers, I only saw one fall off the band! Definitely more  
effective!  Thanks for providing such an excellent product! We look forward  
to doing business with A'deas in the future!

I know I'm a fairly demanding customer ... and that I plague you with changes, rushes (requested without rush charges - of course!), check-ups on orders pending, etc., etc., etc.  AND I also realize that I don't say THANK YOU! nearly often enough ... for your patience, willingness to work through rush jobs, eagerness to please ... awareness to details, and providing great looking pieces that I am proud to have in our communities, and proud to show to others when I get the opportunity.  So ... THANK YOU! for everything you do!  Please pass this on to the team members in the office and shop!  I do appreciate them more than they know.

We were very pleased with the door hangers that you guys printed for us. I was also surprised by the response rate using stick. 

I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for the rush order I placed late last week.  The delivery arrived this morning, as scheduled, and the product looks great.  We will do business again.

Adeas Printing was the perfect answer to our needs. As a real estate company, advertising is very important, and the door hangers we ordered helped our agents present themselves in a professional, appealing manner. We added the Stick and Band-it which were also a big hit to agents and potential clients alike! Thanks, Adeas Printing, for providing a professional, affordable advertising venue!

I am very happy with my previous interactions with your company and will be recommending other candidates in my area use your services as well.

I heard great things about Adeas online, so I placed an order. I'm happy to say that I could not be happier.  The door hangers we got back are excellent quality, the colors were fantastic, and they were fast.  Their pricing is better (by far) than anything we've been able to find locally and there service is so good I'd say it was better than dealing with a local printer. We look forward to working with Adeas many more times in the future.

Great! Thank you Robin.

We were SO happy with our last order of door hangers, and look forward to receiving these!


We got the door hangers and I just wanted to send you a note to say how great they look and how pleased we are.  Thank you for your prompt and professional service.  The color was perfect, so please let your design guy (can't remember his name) know too.

Thanks again!