Direct Mailed Postcards - The WHO, the WHAT, the WHERE and the HOW

GROW your business using our Direct Mail Postcards. Add our Stick feature and your brand can stay on the fridge and out of the drawer with your competitors.

At ADeas, we know postcards can be an important part of your marketing strategy and have developed a range of sizes and features to help drive your direct mail campaign. Reach out to Robin, our Direct Mail Specialist, and she can help walk you through pricing, options and the process from start to finish. - (866) 778-4254 x204 to get started!

Direct Mail Specialist Robin Sagamang can help


WHERE DO I START?Direct Mail can be overwhelming if you don't have a lot of experience in the matter - even if you do! Here is some helpful information with a little overview but keep in mind, Robin is happy to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS and provide some direction so don't hesitate to shoot her a quick email to get the conversation started. - (866) 778-4254 x204

MAILING LISTS There are so many ways to target your potential customer. Will you be providing your own customer database list or will we need to provide one for you? Who is your target market? Homes only or are apartments a good customer for you as well? Does your client have a specific home value or income we shoudl target?

DID YOU KNOW  sometimes I blow peoples minds when they see all the potential they have to strategically target their market. Here are some cool things to think about when you think about the WHO to your mailing.

RADIUS LISTS - Target a specific radius around your address. If you notice most of your clients don't travel far to see you perhaps mailiing to a radius around your location is just what you need to drive business.

NEIGHBORHOOD LISTS - Have you noticed you tend to get a lot of business from a particular neighborhood? Perhaps a storm hit a certain neighborhood and you could benefit from letting them know you can help with their roof or siding.

BUSINESS LISTS - Business to business lists has several factors you can look for to help target your potential client. For example Industry Codes, Employee Count, Sales Volume etc.

DESIGN SERVICES: Your are welcome to provide Print Ready Artwork or we are happy to design your postcard for you.

DESIGN ONLINE TOOL - Our Direct Mail Postcards are not available to order online so there isn't direct access to the free tool so we created THIS LINK FOR YOU to create your free design. Simply design online, save it to your cart, then let Robin know and she can download it for you and place it with order


POSTCARD PRINTING: Help explaining the difference between Direct Mail Postcards, Unaddressed and EDDM Every Door Direct Mail
We can print unaddressed postcards for you to mail on your own OR print EDDM Every Door Direct Mail Postcards for you as well.  Use this link to have us print and provide postcards to you "unaddressed" or EDDM. VIEW UNADDRESSED & EDDM POSTCARD PRICING HERE

EDDM / Every Door Direct Mail Postcards: This is a program direct from the USPS to you allowing you to receie postal discounts because you do the "work" sorting, batching & delivering the mail. There are no separate lists to order, you choose the routes, print the paperwork, batch & bundle the mail, place into trays and deliver the mail to the designated post offices accepting EDDM. You will target zip codes and routes through their website. They will require YOU ADD a special EDDM Indicia & EDDM Recipient Label to the artwork. There are specific size requirements that are ELIGIBLE for EDDM Service. Here is a link to their requirements - please verify with the USPS to be certain your mailing meets all of their requirements as Adeas is not responsible to stay up to date with changes the USPS has to their EDDM program.

DIRECT MAIL: This service earns you postage discounts and will save you time because we do the "work" of sorting, batching & delivering the mail for you!



Contact Robin to discuss options, finalize list counts and get you started on your Direct Mail Campaign. - (866) 778-4254 x204

Thanks so much!


NEED A MAILING LIST? Ask is for more information

Neighborhood mapping, radius around your store location, home value, saturate a zip code, carrier route…

Occupant Mailing Lists: $95 for up to 10,000 records, $9 per thousand thereafter

Consumer & Business Lists start at $150 and vary depending on demographics

We are happy to walk you through the steps to purchase a mailing list that will get saturation postage rate. Simply email us with the zip codes you wish to mail to and we will email you a report breaking down each carrier route within the zip code. Helpful information such as median home value & median income for each route will be included in the report to help you decide which routes it would benefit you mail to. Be sure to let us know if you want to include everyone (homes, apartments, businesses, PO Boxes) or for example if you only want to mail to homes only. The report will show you which routes no longer qualify for saturation discount once you removed apartments & businesses. You may then decide not to mail to that route at all, or based on the median income of the route you may decide it is worth the additional postage to pay non-saturation for that individual route because that particular route has many characteristics of the demographic you are looking to mail to. (Mailing List Costs are not included in the pricing above)

Postage rates are estimated. Once your list is processed we can confirm the estimated rate is correct or let you know if there are any changes in the rate or in your final deliverable addresses prior to printing your order so that you know of these changes in advance.