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SunVisor ValuesTM - The ULTIMATE Advertising Tool

  • Kept redeeming after 25 weeks because it stayed on the visor with the customer!
  • 16% Redemption Reported -- more than 8 TIMES the redemption of Mailbox Values!
  • The customer's average guest check was even higher which means customers that used SunVisor ValuesTM spent more money which = even better redemption!!

SunVisor Values Tracking Chart



Post Card StickTM   -  Repositionable Anywhere!

  • Stick improved sales growth consistently in all 5 locations for our customer where prior they had shown 6 months of negative sales growth in their economically depressed area!
  • The customer stopped dropping mailings when they caught word a competitor was introducing a give away deal -- sales growth shot right back up when the Stick mailings were resumed!
  • This customer continues to do weekly Post Card Stick mailings with A'Deas!

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Stick Post Card Tracking Chart


Boxtopper StickTM

Easy for your employees to attach to the box - no more glue sticks & a fresh Stick strip to move it from the box to the fridge to keep them off the floor!

  • The customer was already using traditional boxtoppers - they introduced Boxtopper Stick and reported an INCREASE OF OVER 42% in redemption!!
  • The coupons expired so new Boxtopper Stick coupons were purchased and redemption continued to improve!
  • This customer continues to order Boxtopper Stick for their stores!

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Stick Boxtopper Tracking Chart


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