• Review the price on the price calculator and choose a design option BELOW the calculator
• Click on CONTINUE to move on to your order details
• Verify your order options and click on Save and Checkout or Save and Continue Shopping
• Review the proof and insert your shipping and payment info
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Production/Transit Time

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Full Color Front Only: This option prints only on 1 side. If you submit a design with information on the back side it WILL NOT PRINT.

Full Color Both Sides: This option will print the front and back side in full color.

Looking for pricing not listed - Contact Customer Service for a custom quote. – (866)778-4254 / (316)269-2494



100# Gloss Cover:  A card stock with a gloss finish, this is the most commonly chosen option for our postcards and door hangers. (approx. 10pt)

11pt Uncoated Cover (non-gloss):  This opaque smooth card stock provides a nice option when you are looking for a non-glossy paper. It is most popular for our Greeting Cards and for door hangers that have areas that need to be written on. (approx. 11pt)

14pt Gloss Cover:  This card stock does have a gloss finish and provides a more rigid piece than the 100# gloss cover. It is most popular with our business cards and for door hangers. (approx. 14pt)

16pt Matte Cover:  This card stock has a matte finish which is more of a dull gloss. It is a nice upgrade to our 14pt Gloss Cover and is a nice upgrade to our 14pt Gloss Cover when ordering business cards, door hangers and postcards. (approx. 16pt)


- All of our gloss paper stocks can typically be written on with a standard ballpoint pen.

- When adding our Band-It or Stick feature for door to door distribution, you no longer have to have a heavy card stock to keep it on the door – 100# gloss cover or even a text or offset option would work just fine.

Looking for pricing not listed - contact Customer Service for a custom quote. – (866)778-4254 / (316)269-2494


UV COATING (cannot be added to the back side if your job includes Stick)

Choosing this option would add a High Gloss UV coating to your printed product.The coating is applied after your order has been printed and cured with a special machine using Ultraviolet Light. UV Coating does not make your printed piece water resistent because the water can still get into the outside edges of the paper which will not be sealed like they would if you had the prodcut laminated for example. It also does not protect your printed product from the sun. It does however, provide a little protection and makes your final printed product really pop.

UV Coating may not easily be written on with a standard pen. You would need to use a permanent marker.

Once you have approved your proof and submitted your order, this is the number of business days it will take to process your order through our facility. This does not include shipping time. Your order must be submitted by 5pm CST to count as that business day. For next business day production time (where available) order must be submitted by 4pm CST to count as that business day. See TRANSIT TIME to calculate the number of business days it will take UPS to deliver your order.

This proof is available for you to download during your checkout process. While you are in the cart on the payment page, click the Design Proof button Design Proof Button to download your proof and review it before you check out. If you need edits, click the Edit Design button. If the proof is ok to print, click Order Complete to process your order.

This option is perfect if you have any concerns regarding the design you created online or the ready to print art you uploaded. Our design department will download your order and email you with any concerns or issues. If possible, they will also correct minor issues as listed below. By selecting this option you will be required to watch for and approve a new proof before your order goes to print. The proof will be sent to you via email within 1 business day of your order.
INSPECT & NOTIFY YOU OF: low resolution images, bleed/trim/safe zone issues, misc image or design concerns
CORRECT WHERE POSSIBLE: bleed/trim/safe zone issues, alignment of text or graphics


if you need design services please utilize the Hire A Designer option, as this does not include any design services

At any time you want our rep to review your artwork BEFORE you checkout, live chat or email us and as long as your design is saved into your account we can login and take a look and offer any advice regarding your concerns.

Be sure to add to your safe senders list to help ensure you will receive proofs and crucial order info rather than it going into your spam filters. If you feel you should have received a proof and have checked your spam and don't have one please call or chat with us so it doesn't slow down your approval process. 




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Postcards: What are my options?

UNADDRESSED:We will ship the postcards to you "unaddressed"

EDDM ELIGIBLE: These are sizes eligible for you to mail using the US Postal Service EDDM Program - the USPS requires an EDDM Indicia & EDDM Recipient Label be added to the artwork. Here is a link to their requirements - please verify with the USPS to be certain your mailing meets all of their requirements as Adeas is not responsible to stay up to date with changes the USPS has to their EDDM program.

DIRECT MAIL: The EDDM program required you to do the "work" of processing the mail. If you wish to have us do the "work" for you, we can! We offer direct mail services which can save you time and savings on postage ... check out our Direct Mail Postcards. Please contact us for help picking your routes and walking you through the process.

Direct Mail Specialist Robin Sagamang can help


• Review the price on the price calculator
(For direct mail pricing please reach out to Robin, our Direct Mail Specialist for pricing)

• Once you have chosen your product options choose a design option below the calculator

• Upload your file, or design online (choose from a template or start from scratch)

• Click on CONTINUE to move on to your order details

• Verify your order options and click on Save and Checkout or Save and Continue Shopping

• Review the proof and insert your shipping and payment info

• Checkout and watch for order updates via Email!

QUESTIONS? Please call customer service at 1-866-778-4254 or email us at or chat online

USING THE HIRE A DESIGNER OPTION?After you submit your order, email your design instructions and any images to INCLUDE YOUR ORDER# IN THE SUBJECT. We will email you a proof to review within 1-2 business days.




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Want to personally address or stamp your cards, utilize EDDM or just hand them out? Choose this option for a postcard without the mailing cost in the pricing. Add Band-It® if you want to distribute your postcards door to door as door hangers! By selecting the StickTM product, no matter how you get them into your customers' hands, they will be able to keep them in view on their fridge instead of in the drawer with the rest of the ads. We offer EDDM sizes & full-service direct mail postcards as well. Need mailing services?

Sometimes you want a personal touch to your mailing and prefer not to have them machine addressed. Or perhaps you plan to hand them out rather than mailing them. This style of postcard is priced without the mailing cost included to give you that option. An added bonus is a little more design space on the back. Band-It® can be added as a part of the order process. Adding Band-It to your order allows you to distribute your postcards as door hangers. We will drill a small hole in the upper left-hand corner and include our custom Band-It bands with your order allowing you to distribute some or all of them door to door without having the messy die cut hole traditional door hangers.

Concerned that your well thought out postcard marketing goes directly into the drawer or the trash? That concern was the driving force behind the development of our StickTM postcards. Catching the customer's attention with a vibrant postcard is only the first step. Making it convenient for them to immediately keep it in view is what turns that moment of interest into a ready reference to your business. You not only want them to get your postcard, you want them to keep it. Mail these on your own or let our direct mail expertise help make your direct mail experience a success!



Postcards requiring our mailing services must be ordered OFFLINE - please call or email us at to get started

printed postcards for direct mail and eddm post cards

NEED A MAILING LIST? Ask is for more information

Neighborhood mapping, radius around your store location, home value, saturate a zip code, carrier route…

Occupant Mailing Lists: $85 for up to 10,000 records, $8 per thousand thereafter

Consumer & Business Lists start at $150 and vary depending on demographics

We are happy to walk you through the steps to purchase a mailing list that will get saturation postage rate. Simply email us with the zip codes you wish to mail to and we will email you a report breaking down each carrier route within the zip code. Helpful information such as median home value & median income for each route will be included in the report to help you decide which routes it would benefit you mail to. Be sure to let us know if you want to include everyone (homes, apartments, businesses, PO Boxes) or for example if you only want to mail to homes only. The report will show you which routes no longer qualify for saturation discount once you removed apartments & businesses. You may then decide not to mail to that route at all, or based on the median income of the route you may decide it is worth the additional postage to pay non-saturation for that individual route because that particular route has many characteristics of the demographic you are looking to mail to. (Mailing List Costs are not included in the pricing above)