Full Color Front Only: This option prints only on 1 side. If you submit a design with information on the back side it WILL NOT PRINT.

Full Color Both Sides: This option will print the front and back side in full color.

Looking for pricing not listed - contact Customer Service for a custom quote. – (866)778-4254 / (316)269-2494



60lb Paper Uncoated:This is our thinnest paper option. It is an uncoated, non-gloss paper stock. Still thicker than your typical office printer paper which is normally a 20lb bond or 50lb offset.

80lb Paper Uncoated:Thicker than our 60lb paper

80lb Paper Gloss: Our thinnest coated gloss paper used most often for brochures, flyers and inside pages of booklets.

100lb Paper Gloss: Thicker and more durable than the 80lb gloss


10pt and 14pt Cardstock Uncoated: This cardstock provides a nice option when you are looking for a non-gloss paper, uncoated on both sides it is most popular for products that have areas that need to be written on.

10pt. 14pt. 16pt. 18pt. Cardstock C1S: Coated gloss on only 1 side this cardstock will have a gloss finish on the front side and uncoated non-glossy finish on the back side.

10pt. 14pt. 16pt. Cardstock C2S: Coated gloss finish on both sides of the paper


Please Note:
Gloss paper can typically be written on with a standard ballpoint pen.

STICK products are not available on gloss or C2S paper.

If you select YES, please be sure to indicate the placement of your perforation with the "perforation indicator" we provide inside the designer. You willl find this indicator in the Image Gallery under "Perforation Indicator", below is how it will preview on your proof- however it will not print on your finished piece, it is only an indication of where the perforation will be made.


Perforation Indicator



Once you have approved your proof and submitted your order, this is the number of business days it will take to process your order through our facility. This does not include shipping time. Your order must be submitted by 5pm CST to count as that business day. For next business day production time (when available) order must be submitted by 4pm CST to count as that business day. See TRANSIT TIME to calculate the number of business days it will take UPS to deliver your order.


Download your proof instantly during your checkout process. While you are in your Shipping/Cart Review & Payment page, click REVIEW INSTANT PROOF. Review your proof. (The green dotted line is the safe margin. It is recommended to keep all text and crucial content inside this line. The red dotted line is the cut line. This is where we will trim your artwork to the finished size. It is crucial you extend any graphics that touch this dotted line all the way to the outside black BLEED line. This will ensure you don’t end up with unwanted white edges when we trim your print.) If you need to change anything, click the Edit Design button. If the proof is okay to print, click Order Complete at the bottom of the page.



INCORRECT (graphics do not touch black/bleed line)

Incorrect trim and bleed

CORRECT (graphics reach black/bleed line, text within green line)

Correct trim and bleed



Let us check the design you created online or the Ready to Print File you uploaded. Our Design Department will review your order and email you with any concerns or issues. When possible, we will help you with minor issues on your artwork (see below). This option will require you to watch for and approve a NEW proof before your order is printed. The proof will be sent to you via email within 1 business day of your order completion.


Notify you of: Low resolution images, bleed/trim/safe zone issues, image, or design concerns

Correct where possible: bleed/trim/safe zone issues, alignment of text and/or graphics



  1. ** Want us to design it for you? Utilize the Hire A Designer option to maximize our services.
  • ** Need us to review your work? BEFORE you checkout, chat with us or send us an email. Make sure to save your design in your Portfolio. (Find it under My Account.)


Add to your safe senders list to help ensure you receive proofs and crucial order info. If you feel you should have received a proof and it’s not in your spam folder, please call or chat with us to proceed with the approval process. 


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Custom Door Hanger Printing

Our wide variety of door hangers were developed to keep your door hanger on the door and off the lawn by working on 99% of DOOR KNOBS and MODERN HANDLES! Combine different styles with STICK™ so you can use the door hanger for distribution PLUS your customer can STICK™  it on the fridge INCREASING YOUR ROI! Click here for more information on our many styles of door hangers.

Check Out our Door Hanger Ripcards for an option to add a tear off business card or coupon!


USING THE HIRE A DESIGNER OPTION?After you submit your order, email your design instructions and any images to INCLUDE YOUR ORDER# IN THE SUBJECT. We will email you a proof to review within 1-2 business days.

Why use door hangers for advertising?

Targeted Advertising: Say goodbye to wasted marketing dollars! With our door hangers, you can precisely target your ideal customers right at their doorstep. Choose specific neighborhoods or demographics, and watch as your message reaches the right audience every time. Without ending up in their yard!

Stand Out from the Crowd: In today's digital world, standing out is more important than ever. Our eye-catching door hangers ensure that your message gets noticed and stays where you put it. With vibrant colors, crisp graphics, and customizable designs, you'll grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

With your creative design and our various distribution styles, these door hangers are sure to get people’s attention, and not get lost in the yard!