Custom Door Hanger Printing

Our wide variety of door hangers were developed to keep your door hanger on the door and off the lawn by working on 99% of DOOR KNOBS and MODERN HANDLES! Combination styles offer TWO METHODS for distribution PLUS your customer can STICK it on the fridge INCREASING YOUR ROI!

USING THE HIRE A DESIGNER OPTION?After you submit your order, email your design instructions and any images to INCLUDE YOUR ORDER# IN THE SUBJECT. We will email you a proof to review within 1-2 business days.

Popular Door Hanger Options




Why should you use door hangers for advertising?

Use door hangers to promote a business or to send party invites instead of having your email get lost in the spam folder. Door hangers also called door knockers, are affordable, enjoyable and personable to your event or business.


With your creative design and our various distribution styles, these door hangers are sure to get people’s attention, and not get lost in the yard!



What Door Hanger Options Does Adeas Printing Offer?

We have custom door hanger options that include traditional die cut door hangers to new features like Band-It® and StickTM door hangers. We also offer Hanger Ripcards so you can attach a coupon or business card that your customers can easily hang on to. Lastly, add on a carrier to make hanger distribution a breeze or envelopes that are a convenient way for your customers to return payment or surveys.


Have a birthday, wedding or block party coming up? Personalize anything including fundraisers and community events using our Hanger Ripcards to attach the invitation, and then use StickTM so your guests can store your information on the fridge until the big day! We offer several combination products like this for you to easily customize for all your Door Hanger needs.


How to get started?

Either use our door hanger template to start your own custom design or work with our designers. We make it easy for you to get the door hanger that best fits your personal and business needs. With a wide array of options, you can get everything you want. You could also order blank hangers in bulk to print yourself but still have the distribution you can rely on!


On a budget? Use our built-in price calculator to get an accurate door hanger cost. This will get you the best possible deal.


Now what?

Just upload your artwork to our door hanger template and place your printing order and let the magic happen. You will receive a proof of your door hanger design before it prints, and your order will be shipped out shortly after you approve it.



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Full Color Front / Blank Back: *If you submit a design with information on the back side it WILL NOT PRINT

Full Color Front / Black Back: *If you order this option and submit a design with anything but black or grayscale on the back side, that side will automatically convert to grayscale before its printed and no additional proofs will be supplied

Full Color Both Sides: This option will print the front and back side in full color


Black (Grayscale) Front: *If you submit a design with information on the back side it WILL NOT PRINT --- *If you order this option and submit a design with anything but black or grayscale within the art, it will automatically convert to grayscale before its printed and no additional proofs will be supplied unless you request a Design Proof & Electric Proof as part of your order.

Black (Grayscale) Both Sides:  *If you order this option and submit a design with anything but black or grayscale, it will automatically convert to grayscale before its printed and no additional proofs will be supplied unless you request a Design Proof & Electric Proof as part of your order.


100# gloss text: this is our standard paper stock for our flyers and with using band-it it does not require a heavy weight paper option

80# Uncoated Cover: is a thicker non-gloss card stock

100# gloss cover: 99% of our door hangers are printed on this stock -- we typically print our post cards on this stock  measures approx 10pt

14pt gloss cover: this is thicker than the 100# gloss cover and measures approximately 14pt

16pt matte cover: this is thicker than the 14pt cover and measures approximately 16pt


Choosing this option would add a High Gloss UV coating to your printed product.The coating is applied after your order has been printed and cured with a special machine using Ultraviolet Light. UV Coating does not make your printed piece water resistent because the water can still get into the outside edges of the paper which will not be sealed like they would if you had the prodcut laminated for example. It also does not protect your printed product from the sun. It does however, provide a little protection and makes your final printed product really pop.

UV Coating cannot be added to the back side if your job includes Stick

UV Coating may not easily be written on with a standard pen. You would need to use a permanent marker.

Once you have approved your proof and submitted your order, this is the number of business days it will take to process your order through our facility. This does not include shipping time. Your order must be submitted by 6pm CST to count as that business day. See TRANSIT TIME to calculate the number of business days it will take UPS to deliver your order.

If you select YES, please be sure to indicate the placement of your perforation with the "perforation indicator" we provide inside the designer. You willl find this indicator in the Image Gallery under "Perforation Indicator", below is how it will preview on your proof- however it will not print on your finished piece, it is only an indication of where the perforation will be made.


Perforation Indicator


Add a Door Hanger Carrier to your door hanger order to help keep your hands free while you are distributing your door hangers. This will allow you to easily shake hands with a potential customer or write an estimate to leave with your door hanger!

A weather protetor is a clear, plastic, heavy duty sleeve with a zip lock closure. This item may easily be slipped around the entire carrier if it starts raining while you are out distributing the hangers. It also comes in handy if you still have hangers inside the carrier and just want to toss it into your back seat or trunk and go without the hangers falling out and ending up all over the place.


Door Hangers Carrier

This proof is available for you to download during your checkout process. While you are in the cart on the payment page, click the Design Proof button Design Proof Button to download your proof and review it before you check out. If you need edits, click the Edit Design button. If the proof is ok to print, click Order Complete to process your order.

This option is perfect if you have any concerns regarding the design you created online or the ready to print art you uploaded. Our design department will download your order and email you with any concerns or issues. If possible, they will also correct minor issues as listed below. By selecting this option you will be required to watch for and approve a new proof before your order goes to print. The proof will be sent to you via email within 1 business day of your order.
INSPECT & NOTIFY YOU OF: low resolution images, bleed/trim/safe zone issues, misc image or design concerns
CORRECT WHERE POSSIBLE: bleed/trim/safe zone issues, alignment of text or graphics


if you need design services please utilize the Hire A Designer option as this does not include any design services

At any time you want our rep to review your artwork BEFORE you checkout, live chat or email us and as long as your design is saved into your account we can login and take a look and offer any advice regarding your concerns.

Be sure to add to your safe senders list to help ensure you will receive proofs and crucial order info rather than it going into your spam filters. If you feel you should have received a proof and have checked your spam and don't have one please call or chat with us so it doesn't slow down your approval process. 

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