Professional, custom design services are available to you upon request and DIY services are available online. Each option serves a particular need. Please review both to determine what serves you best. Please call our team to walk you through this process (316)269-2494
Design Servies


This feature is worth exploring and we encourage you to give it a try! Currently many of our products are available to order through our online calculator, design tool and check out process. The tools allow you to create your own custom design, upload your own graphics and even choose from a variety of FREE backgrounds and images.
There is NO cost built into the product price for using the design tool and we are always willing to help walk you through the process so don't hesitate to give us a call with questions. (866)778-4254


Not sure what you really want? Design OnLine is perfect because you may tweak your design as much as you wish at no cost. When you are satisfied, approve the online proof and place your order. Start to finish...any time of the day or night. It's perfect for the busy professional who needs after hours access to design services. You may notice our tempaltes are limited. This is because our CUSTOM deisgn services are very affordable and we find most people would rather have their own custom look to their advertising materials to support their branding. 


What is the cost of this service? A number of options are available and the cost is determined by the services required. The cost is noted in the pricing calculator however if you have questions or wish to have a more custom quote for this service we charge $60 per hour with a half hour minimum of $30 and bill in 15 minute increments.
Whether you need to start from scratch or simply want to make changes to an existing file, our Design Department can assist you. You provide the basics (text and graphics), and we do the rest! You may send your own graphics to include with the instructions or you may choose to purchase or download images from a third party such as Free-pik or both.  You will receive a proof, and if necessary, may make changes. When you are satisfied, you approve the proof and we move forward to production.

Looking for professional images? You may try It is an online source for millions of stock photos. It can be easily searched to find just the right image to convey your message. Be sure to read their license agreement as they have very simple instrucitons on how to utilize their free images. We have no direct link with this company, we only suggest it as a cost effecitve way to find high quality professional images. If you have questions or are uncertain which image type you should download, call our customer service team to help you make the best decision. (866)778-4254

A NOTE about our free backgrounds, templates or images within our Design Online Tool:
These FREE images are available for a variety of industry categories and can be accessed through the Design OnLine tool and when you are having us print the final product. Because these images are proprietary, the final file we print from will be high resolution to ensure quality, but we can only provide a low resolution art file with our watermark for your review and cannot provide a digital, high resolution, unmarked art file for you. 

Check out our DESIGN GUIDELINES for comprehensive guides for using Design OnLine, uploading Print Ready Files and everything you need to know when submitting an order to a designer!