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A’Deas Printing offers unique print products that increase redemption and sales by enhancing distribution and functionality for printed ads both inside and outside of the home.

Celebrating 14 Years in Wichita KS serving the U.S.A.ESTABLISHED IN 1999

Drawing on the research and development background of the owner, Roth Christopherson, innovative ideas have developed as solutions to problems posed by customers. A client's need for a way to keep coupons handy for their customers on the go led to the development of SunVisorValues™, that unique print piece that wraps around a car visor. Similarly, a complaint from a client about the effectiveness of the boxtoppers they were currently using was the inspiration for the development of STICK™. Most recently, Band-It has been developed to solve the constant struggle customers face when trying to distribute standard door hangers. The doorknob hole cut out simply does not fit all of today's doorknobs and levers.

From the beginning, Roth and his staff have continued to improve and enhance both the technology and production techniques of their wide variety of print ... from the simple to the unique.



Band-It is a quick, easy and secure way to distribute door hangers and other items to your customers. It is more efficient and effective than the traditional die cut door hangers. Some of today's modern doorknobs and levers simply won't accept the circle slit door hanger. They end up falling off easily or are not able to be attached to the doorknob at all.

Band-It saves you time and money on wasted ads that end up in the yard as well as the cost of the loss of a potential customer when the door hanger cannot be attached at all. Band-It expands the possibilities of distribution such as attaching your advertising piece on cups, containers, & more!

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Stick™ is also a great way to distribute your print advertising as it keeps your ads/coupons at your customers' fingertips where they can see them and use them. It can be attached to other surfaces such as glass windows, etc. for outside distribution & inside they work like a magnet but can stick to more surfaces and are much more affordable. Keep your advertisements in your customers view instead of in "the drawer" with your competitor's ads. Our special product allows the product to Stick™ where magnets just won't work. Stick™ is repositionable, cost effective and won't leave a residue.

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By combining both Stick™ and Band-It you have a product with all the distribution benefits of Band-It PLUS all the retention and redemption benefits of Stick™. Your valuable advertising is secure both OUTSIDE & INSIDE the home.

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Get the best of both worlds with this style. This hanger provides two options for the distributor to choose from and has the ability to be attached to ANY door. The Band-It feature may be stretched and placed around any doorknob or protruding object while the Stick™ portion may be used to attach the printed piece to the door knob as well. Your door hanger can then be repositioned inside the home. Now your ad will stay on the fridge instead of in the drawer with your competitors. Tested in extreme hot and cold climates. Will NOT leave residue.




Our Boxtopper Band & Stick™ Combo is a customer favorite! It has two strips of adhesive - your employees use one strip to Stick™ to the box (no more glue sticks or additional stickers necessary) and then your customer can use the second strip to attach it to the refrigerator, cabinet, monitor, etc ... One of our pizzeria franchisees reported that our Stick™ Boxtoppers resulted in a 42% increase in coupon redemption. By making it a combo you can now attach the topper to more than just boxes. 2-liters, water bottles, cups, etc. are also ways to distribute your toppers ... even door knobs.