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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

These cardboard boxes are available at a great price for gift box, shipping box etc. You may also request we print custom labels for you. We offer full color labels and we also offer variable data printing for each label.


Boxtopper Stick-It stays on the box then on the fridge

Your employees Stick-It to the box and your customers Stick-It to the fridge. It is repositionable, won't fall off and is proven to increase redemption. To distribute your boxtoppers as door hangers, simply add Band-It to your order!

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Door Hangers That Won't Fall Off!

This innovative and versatile door hanger will stay where it belongs, on the door and off the lawn. It works on even difficult door handles and can broaden distribution options to include surfaces not compatable with other types of door hangers.

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Door Hangers On the Door & On the Fridge

These unique Door Hangers were developed to increase placement options on today's entryways while keeping your door hanger securely attached to the door and off the lawn.

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DOOR HANGERS: Band-It Stick-It®

Door Hangers that increase redemption

By combining both Stick-It and Band-It you have a product with all the distribution benefits of Band-It PLUS all the retention and redemption benefits of Stick-It. Your valuable advertising is secure both OUTSIDE & INSIDE the home.

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DOOR HANGERS: Band-It & Rip Card Stick-It



All the benefits of a Door Hanger Band-It with the value added feature of a perforated tear-off Business Card Stick-It. Keep your card in their view!

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Door Hanger Carrier

Keeping your hands free while you distribute your door hangers allows you to easily shake hands with a potential customer or write up an estimate to leave with your door hanger. A pen can easily clip to the carrier.

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Direct Mail Postcards or EDDM

Wish your direct mail redeemed better?  Enhance your post cards with STICK-IT® for a better ROI.
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FLYERS: Stick-It®

Flyers with Stick-It increase redemption

Printed Flyers enhanced with Stick-It turn your ordinary printed piece into one that the customer can immediately place in view on the refrigerator instead of out of sight in a drawer.


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Yard Signs can be a great way to get business

Full Color lawn/yard Signs are high impact, low cost portable signage made of corrugated plastic and come with the option for H-Stakes. Resistant to weather and lightweight for portability.

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