We realize the importance of finding that perfect image for your print piece. That's why we offer both Free stock backgrounds and also access to cost effective Stock Images when utilizing our graphic design & print services*. The FREE backgrounds are available for a variety of industry categories and can be accessed through the Design OnLine tool. *Note: We are unable to provide images for those who are submitting "Ready to Print" files as that does not qualify as "design & print". But you can still visit Fotolia through our link to buy images on your own.


Both the FREE backgrounds and the Fotolia Stock Images for purchase are accessed through the designer. The Free Backgrounds (click the Templates tab in the designer) have been designed for the particular product & size.


The Fotolia Stock Images (click the Image Gallery then Fotolia Images tabs in the designer) are available from Fotolia.com, an online source for millions of Royalty Free stock photos. The normal currency for purchasing images are credits bought through their website but when using our Design OnLine feature, the cost will just be added to your order. The number of credits for each image varies according to the particular image and the size.  Our cost to you for images is only $1.50 per credit which reflects our bulk pricing discount resulting in a savings to you compared to if you bought the image online yourself. The cost for the chosen image will show up when it is placed in your design under the Properties Tool Display. Typically, medium size images are what place into your design initially and many times these can be found in the $1-6 price range. When you scale the image up or down in your design, any change in price for the image will be reflected in the Properties Tool Display so you always know the price of your image(s) before you finalize your design.


When we design for you, you may request to have the designer utilize images from the Fotolia Library. 
To use the Fotolia Stock Images, just use any link to the Fotolia site to browse the images and make your choices. Include each image # with your instructions to the designer and we will download the image in the proper size to use in your design. Purchasing your images through us can save you money in two ways: 1) Our designer will know exactly what size image to download for your project and 2) our cost to you for images is only $1.50 per credit. On your own, the same image will most likely cost you up to 40% more. Any images used in your design will be available in your portfolio for you to use again when you utilize our design and print services but due to restrictions, we are unable to give you the actual image file. If you want the actual image file, we suggest you procure the image yourself and supply it to us. If you later wish to utilize the Fotolia image inside our Design OnLine tool, simply let us know and we can upload it into your Portfolio for you.
Image search service - If you don't have the time or inclination to browse for images yourself, we can do that for you however, keep in mind that will utilize design time during the search. Depending on the type of search, I would estimate 15 minutes of design time for this search alone. You will still need to pay for the use of the Fotolia images themselves ($1.50 per credit). You will be required to approve a formal request to add this service to your order.

A NOTE about stock images & free backgrounds:
The final file we print from will be high resolution to ensure quality, but because the images are proprietary, we can only provide a low resolution art file with our watermark for your review and cannot provide a digital, high resolution, unmarked art file for you, even after you pay for the service.


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